A new collaboration with the made in Italy, in the world.
We present the collection of
Valentina Terra


What is a beautiful handbag? Far more than an accessory, a beautiful handbag is a reflection of both who we are and what fashion means to us. A handbag expresses our dreams and brings us joy in our day-to-day lives.

With elegance and poise, Valentina Terra handbags seek to create an intimate connection between art and nature. Breathtaking landscapes inspire our creations, and our designs are linked to special places whose timeless beauty nurtures our spirits.

Valentina Terra celebrates the artisans whose unparalleled skills produce the finest leather goods. With meticulous attention to detail, we employ the very best materials and workmanship for all of our collections.

I am proud to be an ambassador for women who appreciate beauty and quality, for whom fashion is an adventure of discovery – both of the world… and of themselves.


Valentina Terra


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