Rosalia straw bag – G 04

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Manufacturing of this product has been realized with hand crafted procedures and not industrial.
Small imperfections and ripples of the surface are deliberately present and they are a feature of the product, proving the hand-made manufacturing procedure


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Rosalia straw bag
Natural fiber bag (dwarf palm leaves, dried Mediterranean).
Decorated with trimmings, typical of sicilian tradition and painted by hand.
A handy and large bag that can be used on the beach or in a boat for a super chic summer.

Coffa is the object most representative Sicilian folk crafts . Handmade from dried leaves of the dwarf palm or ” corina ” intertwined.
In ancient times it was used by farmers as a manger ” viscuglia ” for horses and mules pulling the wagon , or was used by women as a basket for collecting almonds, olives and pistachios.
Drawing on its ancient origins, we have given it a new life, making it unique thanks to handcrafted craftwork in every detail.


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